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Thor & Marena poster.png

Birthday/age:  Thor 8 / Marena 6 yrs

Gender: Thor, M / Marena, F

Weight: Thor 129 lb/Marena 110 lb

Energy Level: Moderate

Children: 12+

Dogs: Good

Cats: No thanks



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Contact us at for questions.


Thor & Marena

Dynamic Duo seeks furever home with lots of space and endless love


Hi there!


We're Thor & Marlena, I'm an 8-year-old chocolate and my "sister" Marena is a 5-year-old Great Pyrenees.  Our ages are an estimate since no one has celebrated our birthdays in a very long time.  We are the most adorable bonded pair who love to snuggle together and share sweet kisses.  


We're quiet in the house with great manners and already caught on to how to tell our people when we need to go out to potty.  We sleep together through the night so happy to be resting peacefully wrapped up in each other.  Our foster mom cannot say enough wonderful things about us....


"Both dogs are a joy to have and fabulous house guests. Toys, bones and dog beds are not their thing and certainly have not bothered with anything else in the house.  To see the love they have for each other is beautiful."


We walk well on leash together.  I just trot along paying no mind to other dogs or kids while Marena keeps an eye on everything.  She likes to look out for me but when you tell her all is fine she relaxes and takes cues well.


We take no time at all to warm up to new people and let our delightfully sweet personalities shine. We just love human affection, especially Marena - she's always looking for a good rub - and me, well I give the best kisses!


Our exposure to young children is unknown at this point. We are big squishy love bugs who don't really know our size and we don't want to knock any wee ones over unintentionally.  Older children in our home would probably suit us best.  We don't know what to say about cats and so far we haven't met any dogs since coming to Lab Rescue, so we will update you when we do.


Our perfect family will have a large yard for us to play and have experience with large breed dogs and the resources required to provide for two.  They will understand that we need a regular exercise schedule and enjoy the outdoors, including the winter as Marena's breed loves winter activities even more than Labs do.  We're grateful that Lab Rescue respects the super strong bond we share and will not separate us.  We love people and simply need a family to give us a chance to thrive in a loving home with us at the top of their priority list.


Gotta go... the leashes are coming out... it's time for walkies!!!

Love Thor & Marena

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