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Birthday/age: 10 yrs

Colour: Black

Gender: Female

Weight:  97 lbs

Energy Level: Moderate

Children: 12+

Dogs: Good

Cats: Unknown

Hi Friends!


Ella here!  I'm around 10 years old, we think, and I'm the gentlest soul ever.  I'm often found flopping over for a good belly scratch shortly after meeting new people.  I found my way to Lab Rescue and It looks like I lived a rural life but I'm adjusting to indoor life just fine too. I'm looking for a family who will open their heart to a senior lab in need of love and a little TLC.  


My life appears to have been spent making puppies and I'm so happy to learn there is more to life than this.  I'm super friendly, energetic and eager to please.  


Now, let's get real...I know I don't have the perfect bikini bod and yes I'm into all that self acceptance stuff but I need help shedding a few pounds so I can be more comfortable.  I would like to start slow on my exercise routine and gradually build up.  This along with a healthy diet will help me lose weight and feel better overall.  


A home where I am the only furbaby would be ideal simply due to all the love I have to make up for.  My gentle demeanor would be suitable for dog savvy children over the age of 12.  A home with a fenced yard and limited stairs would be perfect. 

Please stay tuned as I get settled and share more of our personalities with the rescue team.


Love Ella



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