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Birthday/age: 5 yrs

Colour: Yellow

Gender: Male

Weight: 70 lbs

Energy Level: Average for age

Children: Good

Dogs: Good but prefers larger dogs

Cats: Good, lived with one

House Skills: Great!

Leash Skills: Pulls a bit but great on a harness

Car: Good after a few minutes

Fetch: Loves it (on land & in water)

Swimming: LOVES IT!

Hi Friends,

My name is Tyson and I am quite a handsome yellow boy (or so the humans keep saying). I am 5 years old and am coming to Lab Rescue because my owners situation has changed which leaves her very little time to care for me. When I came into care I had a scary moment and experienced something called a seizure which scared the rescue team and me and I ended up being treated at the emergency clinic.

Medically, up until I arrived I was your typical healthy boy. No one is quite sure why I had a seizure or what caused them to happen. I have undergone many tests including a neurological test and so far all my tests have come up clear. I am on medication daily that helps control the seizures and I am happy and relieved to say I have not had one since!

So let's talk about some good stuff about me. My foster mom describes me as generally calm, and friendly. I love anything to do with attention so pets, squishes and endless kisses are my favourite. My foster mom had company over and I am very polite and did not jump up. 

I know commands such as sit and lay down and am learning everyday new things.

I am very good in the house too. I am completely house trained, do not get into things that I shouldn't, and don't usually bark until I'm watching you leave the house. I love to snuggle up on the couch so I hope you don't mind. I love to lay with you and cuddle!

I'm not a big food dog but my foster mom says that's okay because I'm well behaved so its not a big deal that I need to be food motivated.

I love to go for walks and have been pretty awesome walking on a harness. I usually pull only for the first few minutes...but I mean what lab doesn't?

I am FANTASTIC at fetch and love to swim as well. I love all kinds of bones and will need the "tough toys" because sometimes I like to rip them apart. I also do this funny thing where I will bury my bones in the backyard. My foster mom just thinks its the funniest thing to watch me put my nose in the dirt.

I tend to be better with the bigger dogs than smaller dogs. To be honest it all depends on the personality of the dog. I am super laid back and easy going so I am not the biggest fan of pushy and overly dominant dogs. I have previously lived with cats so I am totally fine with them. 

Overall, I would like to be with a family who understands that I will likely need to be on medication for the remainder of my life and are comfortable with seizures just in case I happen to experience one in the future. 

Do I sound like a match for you?

Love, Tyson


To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.

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