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3 yrs





73 lbs approximately

Good with:

Dogs, Children 10+



More About Me!

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Oh hi there!

I'm Ace! yep, that's right, I'm a 3 year old male that has actually "aced" a lot of the things I have been taught! I know how to sit, stay, come, down, give paw, play dead, talk, dance, go to bed etc. Seriously, i have aced them all! I also listen when I'm told "no begging" or "go to your bed". I'm a super smart boy!

In my free time, I love going swimming and camping! If there are other dogs there to play with, it's even better!

I LOVE playing with toys! They keep me distracted and entertained. I don't like any specific toy, I like a variety of toys! I'm not picky, the more, the better!

Oh, guess what? My favourite luxury spa treatment is the Dyson Animal Vacuum attachment. That thing is amazing!!! I love to have a shower and then once I'm dry, I get the Dyson spa treatment. It's great!

My favourite things to do are to play fletch, a good game of tug of war, chew bones, swim and go to the dog park. I also love liver treats, dog biscuits, jerky or dehydrated meat and freeze dried treats! mmm, mmmm, mmmm! 

My tummy is now growling after mentioning all those treats, I'm going to go and try to do some tricks so I get a couple!

Thanks for stopping in. If you are interested in meeting me, contact Lab Rescue!



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