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How To Foster

Lab Rescue is always in need of foster families to assist Labs in need awaiting adoption. A nice warm home with loving care is preferable to a boarding kennel. This can be a rewarding way to get involved without a lengthy commitment and financial aspect of dog ownership. All costs of food and medical care are covered while fostering a Lab in our Rescue Program. It is a perfect way of sharing your time to make a real difference in a dog’s life. If you are interested in becoming a foster family and have a stable, caring home to offer our Labs in need, please fill out the Foster Application today. It's as easy as 1, 2, 3!


1. Fill in the Foster Application

2. Chat with an Lab Rescue representative

3. Pick up your Lab!


Please Click Here for some guidelines on fostering a Lab through Lab Rescue.

Please note prior to filing out the adoption application that we are located in the Mississauga / Oakville area and as such part of the fostering commitment is that you pick up your new foster from an appointed location in this region. In addition when we find that wonderful adoptive family to adopt you would be requested to drive back in the region for the meet and greet. The Labs "Thank you" for being so generous with your time. As we don't have a facility we can not save these Labs without you.

Some words from a foster family ....

"Gotta little love to give?  Fostering a dog in transition is a wonderful outlet for all that extra love.  The major prerequisites for fostering are having love and patience.  Somewhere warm to sleep, food in their bellies, fresh water and the sound of a gentle voice are tail over snout better than being in a kennel until their adoptive family is found.  I haven’t been fostering too long but have found that it has changed my life in many ways.  It is very rewarding to have a dog not so sure of its new surroundings come in and watch them transform into a dog with confidence.  The first tail wag or head bump is worthy of a tag on the calendar.  Most of the dogs that I have fostered have been relatively short term.  The dogs are provided with a toy and food and are fully checked by a veterinarian prior to entering the home.  For my rescued dog and my two cats, this is especially important. It is easy to fall in love with our foster buddies.  It’s often an instant hit to the heart.  There is an immense sense of pride when you see your foster dog do something for the first time. Dogs are an incredible educator in how to live, how to get through and how to play well with others.  I have learned so much assisting these wonderful labs on their journey to find forever homes. It’s never easy to see them go BUT I always know that they are going to the best of families and are going to be loved and cared for as the dedicated team of volunteers at the rescue will make sure of that.  Before too long, another dog in need is snuggled at my side getting head rubs and letting out contented sighs."

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