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Surrendering Your Single-Breed Lab

Thank you for contacting Lab Rescue to find that new loving home your dog deserves. The following information will explain the process to finding your Lab a new home.  The volunteers at LAB RESCUE know how difficult it is to make a decision to surrender your dog and we commit to you that we will take all available measures to facilitate a new loving home for your Lab where he can be healthy, happy and safe! Please note, we only accept single-breed Labs in our care, meaning the mother and father of the lab are both Labrador Retrievers.​

LAB RESCUE will ask you to fill out an Owner Surrender Information Form which can be found online. This will provide us with all the necessary information about your dog. Please be candid when filling this out, as the information will help us match your Lab with the most suitable new owners. All dogs are evaluated by a Surrender Coordinator for such things as temperament, level of obedience, training etc., prior to being accepted into the program. We do not accept dog-aggressive or people-aggressive dogs. There is a nominal fee requested with the surrender of your dog.

Potential owners are screened by LAB ADOPTION SERVICES for suitability to adopt a dog prior to being placed on the approved new owner adopter list. Please note, we receive over 1000 adoption applications per year which allows us to select the best family for a match with your lab.  New owners sign an adoption contract which covers such things as the standard of care expected by LAB RESCUE, and pay an adoption fee which helps defray the veterinary expenses, and administration costs of the program. T

Volunteers of the LAB RESCUE will follow-up after the adoption process to ensure that there is a suitable match between the new owner and dog, and that the dog is being well cared for. The length of time it takes for a Lab to be adopted depends on a number of factors including the number of approved new owners and dogs on our lists, the age, sex, and colour of the dog, the dogs temperament, level of training, health condition and the time of the year. 

Our location is in Oakville Ontario, Canada and it is preferred that the Lab be transported into this area.  If that is not possible the team can try and assist with transport arrangements.  

There is a nominal fee of $5 to surrender into our care. 

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