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The Reading Room

The Reading Room is a library of articles that we hope you find useful.

Lab Rescue will continue to update this section so be sure to come back and visit this area.

General Topics of Interest
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Articles by Stuart Hoffman, LRAS Volunteer and Trainer

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Labrador Retriever Information


           So You Want to Get a Labrador Retriever - Questions to consider​ 

         COUCH POTATOES NEED NOT APPLY - What you can expect owning a typical Labrador Retriever

         Information on Adopting a Senior Dog

Rescuing a Lab

         Bringing your adopted Lab home - The first few days for your lab in their new home is scary, please read this

         article to help the transition.

License Your Pet - It is the Law

Every town has their own process to licence pets in your area. Please take the time to do so.


​Oakville / Milton:


​Town of Pickering:








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