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How Can I Adopt A Lab?       We are located in Ontario, Canada

Thank you for considering adopting a Labrador Retriever from Labrador Retriever Adoption Service Inc. (Lab Rescue).  A link to the Lab Adoption Application form is below.

Prior to filling out the adoption application please take a moment to consider the Labrador Retriever breed. A Labrador Retriever by CKC Breed standards is a strongly built, very active dog weighing approximately 75 lbs and about 24 inches in height from the shoulders. Many Labs are considerably larger than the standard in both height and weight. This breed is active and requires daily exercise.

The Adoption Application must be filled out as accurately and completely as possible before we can consider your application. Using the information provided on the application Lab Rescue will do its best to find the right dog for the right home.

After receiving your application an Adoption Coordinator will contact you to for an interview. If you are approved, Lab Rescue will contact you with a welcome e-mail when a suitable Lab has been matched to your family.  Alternatively, you may also watch the web site and alert us if you see a match that you think may be a potential fit for your family.  It is not necessary to reapply for every dog as your application remains in our data base.

Adoption Fees for Labrador Retriever Adoption Service (Lab Rescue)  (effective May 1, 2021)

The fee requested is only a small fraction of what the average Lab entering our adoption program incurs.


Standard Adoption fee: $750 (Adult and Puppy
Senior adoption fee:  $500  
(over 8 years of age)
Bonded Lab set:  $1,300


International Adoption Fee: $1000

Super Senior and special / legacy adoption fees will be determined on an individual basis.


Before completing the application we recommend that each applicant carefully read our adoption process, as well as confirm that you meet our adoption criteria listed below and again noted on the adoption application checklist.


The adoption fees are non-refundable, including for those applicants who adopt from us and subsequently who then return a dog that they adopted from Lab Rescue.

Note:  The vast majority of Labs leave our care spayed / neutered but if they are not at the time of adoption please review our guidelines carefully on this subject.

If a lab that has been adopted through our organization has not been spayed / neutered at the time of adoption and is over the age of 6 months the adopter will be required as part of the adoption contract to have it completed.  The adopter will have one month from the time of adoption to do so unless a medical reason is present that it cannot be completed in that time frame.  An adoption fee rebate of 50% of the cost of the surgery will be rebated to the adopter upon receipt of the invoice that the spay / neuter has been completed.

If the lab is under six months of age at the time of adoption spay / neuter is to be covered entirely by the adopter and is mandatory for the completion of the adoption..  The time frame for the spay / neuter needs to be completed prior to 8 months of age.

Rescuing and re-homing a Labrador can be super expensive. Standard costs that go into each dog may include travel to transport the lab into our care, grooming, leash, collar, ID tag, food, training and of course veterinary care and possible medication resulting from the visit. Each Lab coming into our care requires their own unique examination to make sure we are adopting them out in the healthiest shape possible.  The amounts can vary greatly as some Labs require more expensive surgery and care than others.  Please note that the average cost of care for a Lab through our organization costs approximately $1700, yet our standard adult adoption fee remains at $750.  We work hard to raise the difference in the amounts though donations and additional donation above the adoption fee is appreciated.  

Adoption fees help to cover the following costs of each Lab and are completed prior to adoption:
•    General health exam;
•    4dx* blood work, and treated if required;
•    Rabies vaccine, if due; (Core vaccine)
•    DHPP vaccine, if due; (Core vaccine) 
•    Bordatella, if due
•    Leptospirosis** vaccine, (May or may not be administered, deemed non core) 
•    Fecal test if required;
•    Flea/Tick prevention * (one month dose to start is applied by a LRAS rep);
•    Spayed/Neutered,  see details;
•    Medication, if required;
•    New leash, collar and ID tag;
•    New harness, if required to ease walking issues;
•    Starter amount of food;
•    Microchip

*4DX is a blood test that checks to see if your dog has antigen to heartworm disease or antibodies to one of the five tick-borne diseases (Ehrlichia canis, Ehrlichia ewingii, Borrelia burgdorferi, Anaplasma phagocytophilum and Anaplasma platys).
** Leptospirosis is a bacterial disease that damages the liver and kidneys of dogs, sometimes resulting in renal failure or death.  Lepto is a zoonotic disease which means that it can pass from animals to humans.
*** Revolution is a safe and simple monthly topical medication used to protect your dog or cat from heartworm, fleas, and ear mites. Revolution is also used on dogs for the treatment or prevention of fleas, the American Dog Tick, ear mites, and canine sarcoptic mange. Once a Lab has been adopted it is the new family’s responsibility to start covering the costs of care for their Lab.   Our adoption contract requires all newly adopted Labs to see the new family’s vet within two weeks of adoption.

Each dog in the Lab Rescue program is very personal and special to us, and we take extreme care to ensure that they are placed in the best homes. Below is a list of our requirements which are meant to protect the dog, and your family:

Adoption homes are selected on an individual basis to match the needs of the adopted Lab to the adopter. Many factors are evaluated in this process to make the best possible match. Labrador Retriever Adoption Service Inc. reserves the right to refuse an application.  Please note that only those applicants that make the short list will be contacted by e-mail stating such after they have been through the interview process.  We are a primarily volunteer driven organization and It is simply not possible for us to respond to all emails that show an interest in a specific Lab.  However, we will do our best to keep our web site information up to date about the Lab's current status.

  • Adoptive homes must have a properly secured yard or appropriate area for your dog to run and play unless given an exemption. Tying your dog to a post/peg is not an acceptable substitute.  Apartments do not have suitable fenced in yards which is generally needed for this large breed dog.

  • The adopter must keep the dog as a household pet only. 

  • The Lab must not be left alone longer then 6 hours at any given time. Dog walkers, neighbours, day cares, etc are all good alternatives.

  • Dogs will NOT be adopted out to homes where they will be kept outside or spend a great deal of time away from people.

  • ​The adopter is responsible for keeping the Lab in good health, and providing proper and necessary care. This includes veterinary visits at least once a year for an annual health examination and routine vaccinations.

We are often asked if a newly adopted Lab should go to obedience class and the answer is "YES"!  We think it is a great idea to take your newly adopted Lab to classes even if your dog is already trained. The class may assist you with shortening the time required for the bonding process, improve communication with your new Lab, and give your Lab an opportunity to socialize with other dogs in a controlled environment.

Adopted dogs must never be sold, or given away, even to other family members or friends. Lab Rescue volunteers take special care to evaluate and place the Labs in the most suitable homes, however some adoptions are unsuccessful due to unforeseen circumstances - if this is the case inform Lab Rescue to discuss the next steps.

Please note all adoptions currently take place in the GTA area.   We do not accept applications that require crating a dog to fly them to their new home.

The volunteers at Lab Rescue thank you for considering adopting a Lab and look forward to hearing from you!

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