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3 yrs

March 24, 2021




130 lbs approximately

Good with:

Dogs, Children 8+



More About Me!

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Contact us at for questions or fill out an application to apply to adopt a lab

Hi there! Argos here! I’m a hunka’ hunka’ burning love!

I’m a 3-year-old laid back love bug! I’m great with the kids, even those infants and toddlers! They have the best lickies on those little fingers!! I love hanging out and playing with them, and really like when they walk around with those Cheerios and drop them on the floor!

I enjoy going for my daily walks and on the weekends love going for a good hike. I just hang out by your side and enjoy taking in all those sniffs. I like to stop and say hello to all the other doggies I run into on the trails!

I’m a well-mannered boy in the house. I’m used to that hybrid work thing some of you humans do, and those days you work at home, I’m a great office manager and just curl up at your feet. And those days you’re in the office I will just hang out on my dog bed.

I think I would make a great date …. a nice day in the outdoors with my family, followed by lap cuddles and a movie!!

Geez, I sound like quite the catch don’t I? What the heck are you waiting for, my DMs are open!

Love Argos

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