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1.10 yrs
May 24, 2022




~80 lbs

Good with:

Dogs, Children 10+, Cats



More About Me!

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Get your chuck it ready, this boy loves to play Fetch!

Hi Friends!

I’m your new BFF Bear!!  I’m an energetic almost 2-year-old boy who loves to snuggle and be my goofball self. I’m sure to make you laugh with my silly antics and charming personality.

I know my basics like sit, stay, up and down, but fetch is by far my best skill!  If only the Olympics had fetch, I would be the gold medal winner! I can keep going until your arm is tired. I also LOVE to swim, fetch beachside is perfect!

I go with the flow in the house and enjoy sleeping in my human’s bed at night though, I could probably learn to like my own dog bed too.  I’m accustomed to someone being home most of the time but with proper exercise and a toy, I’m okay to be alone for short periods.

I’ve lived with two older Labs and we hang out during the day and play in the yard. I like to be the centre of attention so it might be nice to have playmates rather than roommates or a really laid back sibling who doesn’t mind if I call the shots.

I tend to forget my size when I’m excited and accidentally knock the kiddos over. It would be ideal if children in my new family were dog savvy.

I love road trips and could be a great fit for summers at the cottage or any adventure my new family wants to take together. I refresher course to sharpen my skills would be a great way to ensure we’re speaking the same language.

I’m be a great match for any active family with Lab experience and time for training. I’m a happy go lucky boy ready for fun!

Love Bear

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