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3 yrs




99 lbs approximately

Good with:

Dogs, Children 8+



More About Me!

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Super Duper Cuddler!

Hi friends,

I'm Diesel, a 3 year old male, and I've been living with my foster mom for a little while now. She has been great, but I think I'm looking for a more permanent arrangement.

I haven't had much exposure to many things, so every day can be an adventure! I'm really good at chasing the ball, pretty good at bringing it back, and getting better at dropping it when you ask. Apparently, we're going to try swimming when the water warns up a bit...I'll keep you posted.

I'm a pretty shy guy and sometimes, new things scare me. Like garbage trucks - wowza! They are huge and soooo loud! Other new things are not so bad, like new dogs and people - even little kids. Despite my size, I'm gentle and respectful, not jumping or lunging, and I'm only reactive if a dog is aggressive with me, and even then, I'll most likely try to hide behind you.

Not much of a foodie...weird for a Lab, right?!?! I've tried a few new things and I haven't really found a favourite treat yet. Well, maybe cheese...

I am generous with my kisses and cuddles, and don't bark, like, ever (but I've been known to snore...). When I want you to pet me, I'll mouth your hand, but I won't bite. House training is also fine, though I do look for squishy things to chew if I don't have a toy handy, so flip flops should be kept out of reach LOL.

Weights and yoga arent for me - a few walks a day keep me in shape, about an hour all together. I'm petty easy-going, all things considered, so maybe you should match with me...I could be just the boy you're looking for.

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