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6 mos

Oct. 25/23




30 lbs approx.

Good with:

Dogs, Children 16+



More About Me!

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Playful, young girl looking for a canine friend and mature family!

Gabby here!

I’m an adorable girl who’s learning at lightning speed thanks to my foster and 2 foster siblings. I have learned "touch", "sit", "leave it" and "down" already and ready for more!

I’m inquisitive like all pups my age and I love to play gently with my many toys in the house. I am mastering the art of fetch and LOVE IT! I have tried licky mats, puzzles, and snuffle mats and enjoyed them all! I have been to work with my foster Dad and learning my work/play time seems to out balance the work! After all the fun and some great snacks, I crash on a dog bed or at the foot of my foster's bed, sleeping soundly throughout the night.

I’m excited to see my leash come out for my favourite parts of the day and proudly pad along, just happy to be out and about. I like to keep an eye on my foster parents, looking for any cues or commands they might give give me. Cars and trucks don't bother me. I also love car rides!! I hop in and out just fine and love feeling that wind in my ears!!

I am very helpful in the house! I am happy to point out the areas you have missed while vacuuming, willing to sit next to you as you blend your smoothie in case you need a taste tester and more than obliging to help you make the bed and fluff the pillows! I’m shy meeting new people but very curious and I really want to make friends. If you want to be friends with me, cheese or a tasty cookie can help move our friendship to a new level!

I’m a lovely girl looking for a home that provides lots of walks and play time in a fenced yard. I am learning so quickly and would love an older family that can keep my training going and help me achieve even more but also continue to grow my confidence in meeting new human friends! If you think you are my family, I can't wait to meet you!

Love Gabby

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