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6 yrs

February 24, 2018




68 lbs approx.

Good with:

Dogs, Cats, Children 8+



More About Me!

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Happy-go-lucky, social butterfly looking for a new BFF

Georgia here!

I’m six years young and was put on this earth to greet every human I encounter!! I’d make a fantastic Walmart greeter if they accepted the four-legged type.  

My house manners are top notch.  I’m accustomed to the retired lifestyle with someone home often, however, I’m fine alone while you do human stuff and will just cuddle up on the couch. Better yet, I'm happy to ride shotgun as I love car rides!

I like to play frisbee in my yard and go for walks in a serene spot, even off leash. My recall skills are pretty good, though if I’m closer to a new person, my excitement takes over… we can work on that.   I'm excited to meet other dogs on leash and will sit for a treat while they pass.  I even know some other basics too.  

My best pal is a small dog who I play and cuddle with all the time. I share all my precious toys with him and taught him the most efficient way to de-stuff them before mom takes them away. I appreciate the chill sort of fur friends that aren’t always up in your business full of bouncy beams. I would do well with another low key dog in my new home.  I’m also fine with the feline type and actually quite indifferent to them. 

I’m super gentle with children who’ve visited. Their energy excites me but I’m careful not to jump up, I just hop around in my happy dance.

My ideal family will have lots of time for walks and swimming. How could I forget to mention swimming!?!?  I absolutely LOVE to take a dip in the pool or lake. A laid back canine sibling in my home would be a nice bonus but most of all I’m looking for that special someone to form a loyal bond and be a lifetime sidekick of sorts. I could be a great fit for cottage life too, come to think of it!  The adventures seem endless with a catch like me. Don’t miss out!  Contact Lab Rescue today. 

Love Georgia 

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