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1 year

February 27, 2023




65 lbs approx.

Good with:

Dogs, Children 16+


More About Me!

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Hi! It’s me, Lou!

I have started a new adventure with my foster family and their two dogs, Poppy and Sheldon. It has been spectacular!

Every morning my foster Mom takes me for big walkies where I get to practice all my commands – sit, wait, find, look, down and leave it! We walk all around the town so that I can get used to cars, people and noises that are all new to me! Back at home I get a scrummy breakfast and play with my new dog friends in the backyard. Then, it is off to work! My foster Dad takes me to his work every day! His employees are so kind and patient as they know that I am nervous meeting new people. At work I get to play with all my toys, snooze and watch the geese waddle around the property.

After work is done, we hop in the car to head home. I know that the car means great things, so I am pretty relaxed and hang out in the back seat. Once home it is play time with my buddies. We go for walkies, but my favorite thing is fetching the ball!! I am practicing “drop it” and almost have it nailed! Sometimes I get my favorite chew bone or a snuffle mat. After a yummy dinner, it is workout time for my foster Dad. You know what that means??! Cuddle time and belly rubs on the yoga mat! My foster Dad can’t resist me.

Soon it is time for my foster Mom to come home and it is a race to the door with Poppy and Sheldon to see who gets to greet her first! Poppy and I rush to the couch to get the perfect spot next to Mom where the evening is complete with snuggle time, ear scritches and more belly rubs! Bedtime is decision time – do I curl up on the fluffy dog bed next to Sheldon or find a spot next to Poppy on the king bed where I can be close to my foster parents??

My world has changed a lot, and I am learning new things so fast. How did I not know about this thing called “hiking”??!! So many smells, trees, birds, creeks, and rivers! My foster Mom says I am a quick learner on the trails – who wouldn’t be with all there is to see and explore!

My foster parents love me and are helping me build on my skills and trust so that I am ready for my forever home. I am hoping for a family that can keep up with my energy level and who enjoy the outdoors as much as I do. Continuing my training would be brilliant, as would having a quiet home where I can build my human relationships easier and at my own pace. 

Am I your future fur-baby?

Love Lou

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