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6 yrs old




47.5 lbs approximately

Good with:

Children 8+, Dogs



More About Me!

To adopt a lab please fill in the online application 

Contact us at for questions or fill out an application to apply to adopt a lab

Look for a cuddlebug extraordinaire?? I’m your gal!

Hi everbody, Lucy here! I’m a petite 5-year-old gal who is sure to steal your heart!

I’m in a foster home with a lab sister and a kitty cat, and we all get along great! I hear my foster say I’m super sweet! Many things are new to me, and I’m learning all kinds of neat stuff, and those yummy treats sure do help!!

I love to get all dolled up in my fancy harness to go for a walk! And I must say, I look pretty darn good in it!

I think I would do great at one of those training classes, I could make lots of new friends and we could really bond. I just know we would graduate at the top of the class!

I’m a well behaved guest in the house, with only one requirement … a spot next to you on the couch! We could binge Netflix, and I will even let you pick the show!!

What are you waiting for?! My DMs are open.

Love Lucy

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