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To adopt a lab please fill in the online application 

Birthday/age: 1.5 yrs

Gender: Female


Energy Level: Moderate

Children: 10+

Dogs: Good

Cats: Good

Car: Good

Swimming: Would love to try!


Hi Friends.


April here!  You may have noticed I’m a Lab’s cousin but equally as awesome and deserving of love. I’m so thankful my new friends stepped in to help find my new family. Their hearts are just so big. I’m just over a year old and have so much to experience in life. 


Where do I start? Well, I’m good with school-aged children, not sure I’ve been around the wee ones much. I just love to play any game they choose, even the silly ones.  I’ll follow you from task to task in case you need my help or want to take a break and give me a good ear scratch. I bet I would be really good at a routine cuddle schedule too!


I heard of this place called doggy school, not sure if you’ve hear of it, but it would be really fun to go and learn how to earn those yummy treats!  I could probably make some doggy friends there too. I’m learning all about this leash thingy and how it’s the key to going to all the fun places. I just can’t wait to explore all the things, like swimming, road trips, hiking and boating…what’s that?


I have many feline friends who enjoy a friendly game of chase but also like to snuggle up for a nap together. I’m not sure if this fits with in-house play rules so I’m going to need some guidance if there’s a cat in my new home. 


I’d love a comfy place to cuddle up at night, endless belly rubs and lots of new adventures with my new family.  I’d make a great addition to any family looking for a sweet girl to make lasting memories with and to spoil like I so deserve. Message me and let’s connect!


Love April

Contact us at for questions or fill out an application to apply to adopt a lab.


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