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New Initative

In partnership with Golden Rescue

Why Cairo?

Few Shelters, little hope of adoption and we have the will and the resources to be part of the solution

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Lab Rescue is very excited to announce the launch of a new initiative – FLIGHT OF HOPE FOR LABS rescue mission which will allow us to rescue Labs in need – internationally!    We have partnered with Golden Rescue who has done incredible work over the last 5 years rescuing and re-homing Goldens from all parts of the world including Cairo, Egypt. 

Why Cairo, Egypt? There is a great need with so many dogs abandoned and homeless.   There are very few shelters in Cairo, and the shelter that exist are overflowing with dogs with very little hope of being adopted. Many of the dogs are left to live their lives out at the shelter, put out on the street to survive or sold to other countries for meat.  It is an awful environment for Labs especially as they are generally so docile in nature and get attacked by other dogs.   Fortunately, we have the resources and processes in place to allow us to participate in this initiative which will bring Labs livings in shockingly poor environments overseas to a safe and secure home in Canada.   For these very reasons we are teaming up with the Golden Rescue group and will endeavor to do whatever we can to save as many Labs as possible while never affecting our continued work to save Labs locally.


We are expecting several international Labs arriving from Cairo, Egypt next month (Feb 2021).  At this time, we believe it is important to note that these Labs are not feral and at one time likely belonged to a family.  From what has been observed, they are all dogs simply yearning for attention, kindness, love and to once again belong to a wonderful new family.  Some considerations prior to deciding if this type of adoption is right for your family would include a deep understanding that this is not a typical type of Lab Rescue adoption.  When you agree to be involved in this project you must understand that the Labs in this program will need time to understand your routine and learn English commands.  These Labs will come in with a lot of HOPE but will need time, energy, patience, and guidance to begin to shine.  It would be helpful if the adopting family would pay attention to understanding the rescued Labs body language which will garner terrific knowledge to advance training and build that ever so important trust bond.   Patience, trust, leadership and love will all be the key on the journey to getting to know and enjoying your new Lab during the "Foster-to-Adopt" program.


Our international Labs go through our “Foster-to-Adopt” program which means that you will foster the Lab upon their arrival in Canada with the intention to adopt.  If the Lab is a good match for your family, after the first ten days, you will be asked if you are ready to adopt.  All Labs will be outfitted with a GPS tracking collar that must be worn at all times during the foster period, as per our adoption protocol set in place in Spring 2019, or a suitable period of time reviewed by Lab Rescue.  

During the “Foster-to-Adopt” period, Lab Rescue covers the vet costs which includes a wellness check, update core vaccinations, snap 4dx test, stool testing, Nexguard treatment (one month if not already done) and micro-chipping (if not already done).  Spay / Neuter (if not already)  the adopter will have one month from the time of adoption to do so unless a medical reason is present that it cannot be completed in that time frame.  An adoption fee rebate of $250 will be issued to the adopter upon receipt of the certification that the spay / neuter has been completed.


The adoption fee for an international Lab is $1,000.  

If you are unsure whether an international Lab is right for your family and you would like to chat with one of our Lab Rescue volunteers, please let us know by sending us an E-MAIL with your contact information.  If you believe that an internationally rescued Lab through our Flight of Hope for Lab rescue mission is right for you and have not completed an adoption application please do so by using the link below. 

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