Here are some words from my foster dad:


Milo is stunningly intelligent and willingly learns rapidly.  He is independent but sticks close whenever he can.  He loves being outside, going for walks, especially parks where he can romp.  Initially, he will pull as any young pup will but calms down after a time.  I focused on ensuring he felt secure and safe and would always gently touch him whenever he was within reach.  Initially, he would shy away however over time he began to look for attention and would come to me for it.  Milo is now settled here and has developed into a happy, socialized and content "puppy", although he is still a puppy at 1 year old and will continue to need patience and time to settle into a new home and trust his surroundings.   have enjoyed the companionship of many dogs and feel that given the right amount of understanding, Milo will be an excellent addition to any family.

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Birthday/age: 1 yr old

Colour: Yellow

Gender: Male Mix

Energy Level: High energy

Children: 14+ Please

Dogs: Good

Hi Friends,


Milo here! I'm super smart and only around a year old so I have so much potential with the right match.  I'm so eager to learn new things. My foster dad has been working closely with a behavorist to build my trust and I've settled into my own.   I may take time to adjust in my new home as everything will be new but I'm told there is a compassionate family who will understand my needs will require a strong bond that comes with time and dedication.  I love, love, love going to walks and I'm pretty good on the leash.  I especially like the really long leash so I feel some freedom but still have the safety of my human on the other end.  I enjoy splashing around in the water and then crashing at my foster's feet after a fun day.  I'm great in the house and go with the flow.  I will likely startle at new sounds in the beginning but give me time and reassurance and I will be just fine. 


I would really like my new family to be child-free and furkid-free although, a canine friend to play with now and then would be fine.  I absolutely LOVE hanging my head out the car window, the fresh air feels so good in my face!  An experienced, quiet, dedicated family who is home often would be perfect for me. A true understanding that my journey has required baby steps to this point and will continue on that pace with positive reinforcement and patience is required.  I have grown quite fond of my foster dad but I'm ready for my new furever family.  

Hugs, Milo

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