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MILO 2023.jpeg
To adopt a lab please fill in the online application 


Birthday/age: 3 yrs old

Colour: Yellow

Gender: Male (Lab/Husky Mix)

Energy Level: Moderate 

Dogs: Good

Swimming: Would love to try!

Foster update:

What a delight Milo is! Calm, smart, curious and always ready for a walk! Gentle taking treats and just seems to be learning about playing fetch. Has been friendly and respectful with our dogs both inside and outside! Milo is a quick learner and treat motivated! Always eager to please, he will be easy to train! He is not one to pass up a good bum scratch or  belly rub!


Do you feel the need for a second opinion on your cooking while you are in the kitchen? Milo is here for you!  

Looking for that dog to oversee your ab exercise routine and keep you honest in your repetition count? Milo is your dog!  

Feeling lonely in the bathroom, alone while taking a shower, or just a sense of too much personal space? Milo can be there for you!  

Need a critical eye as you choose your daily outfit? Milo is the one!  

Curious but respectful, energetic but easy to handle,


Milo is a smart dog that is eager to learn and spend time with you. Milo is currently crushing on Poppy, the chocolate Lab and, though she is being coy, Milo is winning her over with his charm and good manners! He would do well with dog siblings in the house or a regular play date with friends.  

Whether you are working at your desk, cleaning up the garden or sitting down to watch a movie, Milo is never far away and always looking for a good chest scratch or bum rub! Playing in the yard and going for a walk might be what gets Milo most excited. He is not only handsome in his harness and lead but is always willing to demonstrate his great leash skills.  

AT the end of the day, when the walks are done, toys are put away and Milo’s duties as your personal assistant/food taster/shadow/guard against random leaves blowing across your path are finished, you will find him curled up, as close as he can get to you, (preferably on a raised bed right next to yours) and dreaming of what fun things tomorrow might bring!  

Contact us at for questions or fill out an application to apply to adopt a lab.


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