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New Simba_7.jpg


Birthday/age: 3.5 yrs

Colour: Yellow

Gender: Male

Weight:  64 lbs

Energy Level: medium

Children: Good 12+

Dogs: Good

Cats: Good


Hi Friends,


Simba here.  I'm enjoying this Canadian life of luxury.  Daily walks, comfy beds and consistent meals.  What more could a guy ask for?  Well, for starters, Liza and I would really like a family who will love us unconditionally and welcome us into their home.  We each have so many great things so let me toot my own horn for a second...


My house manners are superb.  I'm great while you're at work, just lounging around the house and I sleep right next to you all night long.  I'm always up for a cuddle session and a movie night, after my regular exercise that is. I keep my mouth off things that are not mine and I go with the flow of the household.  I'm always ready to play when it's time but if I can can just hang out when its time.


I love to run at top speed in the yard so of course a fence will be needed for Liza and I so we can play safely.  We love to play together, chase squirrels in the yard or play a game of ball with you.  Liza and I are super outdoorsy and would love to try that game called swimming one day. This snow stuff is new to us but it's so much fun too!  


I'm good on the leash as you can see in my video. I enjoy relaxing trail walks or walks out in the field on a long leash where we can take in the peaceful scenes.  I thoroughly enjoy sunbathing and often fall asleep out in the warmth of the summer afternoons and of course, if you want to hang out and scratch my belly, I'd be happy to have you.  


As Labs are, I'm food motivated and eager to learn and make that connection with you.  I respond best to respect and yummy reinforcement. My potential is eager to shine bright with someone who is willing to spend the time with me using a positive approach to learning.


I have so much to give, along with my sidekick Liza, that I'm sure an active, loving family will be delighted to help us settle into a new life together as one big happy family.


Love Simba

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