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baxter poster.png

Birthday/age:  8 yrs

Gender: Male

Weight:  88 lb

Energy Level: Moderate 

Children: Good

Dogs: Good

Cats: Good

Car: Good

Swimming: Loves it!

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Contact us at for questions.



Hi guys! I’m Baxter!


I’m a real friendly guy who loves meeting new people, big and small, my tail never stops wagging!! I’m great with other dogs and I even like cats! I live with one and we snooze together, and I even let the cat give me kisses!


I love my walks, and am pretty good on leash! I enjoy meeting new doggie friends when I’m out and about in the ‘hood! I like to give them a good sniff, and then we’re friends!


I’m a well behaved boy in the house and am used to being on my own while my humans work, just hanging out on the couch or bed till you get home!


I’ve had lots of training and know some pretty neat things, which I’m sure will impress you! Do you need the lights turned off or the fridge door closed? Well look no further, Baxter is your man! Do you need to me “go get the shoe” or “go get the hat”, well I can help you with that too! And when its picture time, if you tell me to “pose”, I will stand up and ready myself for the camera!


I really enjoy those stuffy toys, so much so that I destroy them, except for my special stuffed owl, he stays in one piece! So hard toys are best for me. My favourite activities are fetch and swimming!


He is pretty good in the car.  Would never counter surf and would run out of an open door because he’s so bored from being locked up in the house all day.  However would never run away.  He has no resource guarding at all.  He lets out a low friendly growl when playing tug of war but not aggressive at all.


I’m a really sweet, easy going boy who loves affection and cuddling!


I would be a great Netflix partner, cuddling up on the couch beside you, and I can even turn the lights off for the movie!


Gotta go, time for a game of fetch!


Love Baxter

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