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brody poster.png

Birthday/age:  10 mo (Sept 14/22)

Gender: Male


Energy Level: 


Dogs: Good


Car: Good

Swimming: Loves it!

To adopt a lab please fill in the online application 


Hi guys! I'm Brody, a 10-month-old cutie pie!

Boy it's a big world out there, but I'm learning new things every day! They say I'm like a "sponge", soaking up all this new stuff!

I'm learning how to walk on leash, and for such a young guy, I'm doing pretty good, I will just need some guidance to master that. I've heard there's a place for us dogs to learn and master things ... doggie school, I would love to go with my new family!

I'm quite the social butterfly on my walks and like to say hello to everyone who passes by me! I get along well with other dogs, I even have one as a roommate right now at my fosters!

I'm looking for a family who will teach me all there is to know in this big world, and at the end of our active days, we can cuddle on the couch, I just love to snuggle!

My DMs are open!

Love Brody

Contact us at for questions.


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