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Birthday/age:  1.5 yrs

Colour: Golden Doodle

Gender: Male

Weight: N/A

Energy Level: Average

Children: Good

Dogs: Good

Cats: Great

House Skills: Fine

Car: Good

Swimming: N/A


Fun-loving, young boy seeks outgoing family


Hi Friends,


My name is Chance and I'm 1 1/2  years old.  No, you are not seeing things... I am a Labradoodle and possibly the first of my kind to be s Lab Rescue.  The doggy lovers that they are at Lab Rescue, understand that I have many Labrador traits, despite my curly hair, and they know there is a wonderful family out there who will enjoy a goofy, happy, loveable boy like me.


I'm great with children having lived with young ones.  They always have sticky fingers to lick which I love!  I'll play with the cat in my home if she wants to, otherwise we just hang out or cuddle.  My playful side shines when I'm in my element, playing with other dogs.  Big ones, small ones, it doesn't matter!  I would love to make new friends at my new home and maybe even live with another dog too.


My walks are the best time of day for me.  My nose goes down and we're off on an adventure.  Unfortunately, there's a leash attached to me which pulls on my neck.  I heard of this fancy harness thingy that helps dogs learn not to pull.  That sounds like something that might help me, along with positive training too, of course.  I've been to doggy school but I was more interested in making friends and sharing gossip so a refresher course might be a good idea.  


The perfect family for me will understand that Labradoodles are just as awesome as Labs. In fact, I think I get all the extra fun genes from the Labrador BUT the other half, the Poodle, is also highly intelligent so I know with the right guidance and patience I can learn lots of new things!  I need a family who enjoys long walks, making friends and cuddling once we're tired from all the fun.  I'm a super snuggler so don't forget to save me a spot on the couch!


Love Chance

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