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Birthday/Age: 4.5 yrs.

Colour: Yellow.

Gender: Male.

Weight: 75 lbs.

Energy Level: Average for age.

Children: Good, 8+.

Dogs: Good.

Cats: No thanks.

House Skills: Great.

Leash Skills: Good but will pull to see dog friends.

Car: Good.

Fetch: Loves fetch & tug of war.

Swimming: Loves it.

Hi Friends,

My name is Charlie boy and boy am I such a ham. I am a very handsome 4.5 yr old boy who pretty much loves everyone I meet. I am coming to Lab Rescue because my mom can no longer afford to properly care for me, and its been hard to care for me all on her here I am.

Medically, I do have some seasonal allergies that seem to bother me but besides that I am a typical healthy boy.

In the house I am quite the gentleman. I have been told I am quiet and such a good boy for not barking. I am house trained and do not get into any mischief when my mom is away. I have to admit though I do love to cuddle up on the couch so I really hope my new family doesn't mind a few extra hairs on their clothes (I promise my cuddles are worth it).

I am walked a few times a day and I really enjoy it. I am pretty good on leash but because I am super social and friendly I will pull to see new friends. I am working on those manners though. 

I am fantastic with other dogs and love to play! I used to visit the dog park and am good with all breeds and sizes of dogs. I am submissive and super puppy like.

I was once scratched by a really mean kitty cat so I would prefer not to have to live with one at this point.

Did I mention how wonderful I am with people? I am very affectionate and full of love so I am pretty much your typical lab wanting rubs and scratches from everyone I meet. If you come to my house I will even jump up and give you a hug to say hello/ I do not need any time to warm up to new faces. 

I am super motivated and will do anything for a treat! I do however have a little quirk you should be aware of....if you bother me while I am eating I will let out a little growl. I do not like to share my bones either, or have them taken away for me...See I have never had to share and I am just protecting whats mine. If you let me be until I am finished I am a good boy.

Do I sound like I could be a match for you?

I hope so!

Love, Charlie.

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