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Thank you!


The team at Labrador Retriever Adoption Service (Lab Rescue) would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who supported Lab Rescue this year, whether you volunteered, fostered, donated or adopted through us, together we all are making a difference in so many displaced Labrador Retrievers’ lives.  


2017 was an exceptional year for sets coming into our care. Lab Rescue has always maintained a standard of keeping all bonded Labrador Retrievers together no matter how long it takes to find the right home!  All sets surrendered to us this year were happily adopted and are enjoying their awesome new families.
Bella and Bentley (2 years) came into our care when they were no longer fun for the grandchildren.  The kids moved on , the grandma downsized to a small condo and their quality of life went downhill fast. They were locked in a bedroom most of the day and seriously depressed.


 Max and Mia’s (10 & 11 years) owner passed away and life as they knew it was over.  As super senior labs it can be a challenge to find adopters but fortunately we had no trouble with this adorable twosome.

Gem and Tara’s (10 & 11 years) owner passed away and the next of kin had severe allergies and could not keep them.  Today they enjoy life with their new brother Hudson.

Marley and Cuddles’  (6 & 9 years ) owner passed away and these adorable seniors were dropped off at the local shelter.  When we got the call to help we immediately went and picked them up. 

Hailey and Bear’s (15 & 9 years) owner passed away and no family member could take these seniors into their care. At 15 years of age Hailey would likely not have made it out of a shelter. We are thankful the next of kin choose us to help adopt these two super senior sweeties.  A special note of interest is the foster family were so overjoyed with them they adopted them.


Bella and Brody (7 & 9 years)  came into our care when the family's child fell ill and they had no time for the dogs between medical appointments. We are sure pleased they choose us to help them!


Senior labs are expensive!  We spare no expense when addressing all veterinary issues which means the average senior lab coming into our care costs approximately $2,000.  If they have more complicated issues, like diagnostic/surgery required, the expense goes higher from there. We adopt senior labs out at approximately $175.  For all that donate to us, THANK YOU on their behalf!
If you have adopted a lab from us this year, THANK YOU!  You know firsthand the importance that Lab Rescue plays in each dog’s life.  We can’t stop the number of neglected dogs, but you can help us by assisting them financially, fostering or volunteering. When we all come together we can make an incredible difference in the lives of these deserving labs. 

Ways to Donate: On-line: Click Here

Or by mail:  Labrador Retriever Adoption Service 
Cheque made out to “LAB RESCUE”
115 George Street,  PO.Box 254, Oakville, Ontario, L6J 0A2

We are a registered charity # 844318626RR00001 and all mailed donations will receive a tax receipt.

On behalf of the rescue team and all the labs your generosity has helped join their forever homes!

Hailey & Bear
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