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Birthday/age:  6 yrs DOB July 24, 2017

Gender: Male

Weight:  81 lbs

Energy Level: Moderate

Children: Good

Dogs: Good

Cats: Good

Car: Good

Swimming: Would love to try!

To adopt a lab please fill in the online application 


Hi everybody, I’m Gui, a 6-year-old playful and easy-going dude…


Here’s a little secret about me … I’m bilingual! Pretty impressive, eh? I could help you fine tune your French! Assis (sit)? Couche (down)? I know them all!

I'm an easygoing guy, who loves the simple things in life! I'm like the missing piece of the puzzle and fit right in!


I love, love, love my walks and am great on leash on a flat collar. I may get a little excited at first to get out there and check out all those sniffs and may pull a bit, but when my human directs me not to, I’m good. My recall skills are pretty good too!  


I’m a well-mannered boy in the house and just hang out on the couch or bed until my humans get home from work. And I just get soooo excited to see you when you walk in that door!


I’ve lived with kids of all ages and have had doggie roommates as well and we’ve gotten along well. I’ve encountered a few cats over the years and have not reacted to them. On my walks I don’t really bother them or those pesty squirrels, I just watch them whiz by me!


I’m great in the car, just hanging out back there till we reach our destination!


I enjoy meeting new people … I take cues from my human, if you’re relaxed, I’m relaxed!

So how about it, wanna do Netflix and a couch cuddle?

Love Gui


Contact us at for questions.


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