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Birthday/age:  1.5 yrs (Nov. 2/21)

Colour: Black

Gender: Male

Weight: 72 lb

Energy Level: Moderate

Children: good

Dogs: good

Cats: N/A

House Skills: good

Car: good

Swimming: Loves it!


Do you like to jog?  Do you need a nudge to start your New Years Resolution?


My name is Harlow and, clearly, I'm a wanna-be-Lab....everyone say "Hi Harlow!"


It's been 4 days since I last destroyed a stuffie. <everyone clap>  I know, I'm trying but this is not the reason I need a new home!  There is an allergy in my family and even though I'm a good boy, I need to find a new family to love me.  I'm a young, loveable goofy boy.


I should start by saying I'm a good boy in the house.  I like a tidy home and prefer hard toys like bones. I will never turn down a good antler to chew!  I'm quiet in the house and take my role as task supervisor very seriously having someone home to follow around.


I've grown up with teenaged kids in my home and we have a blast playing tug of war and ball in my fenced yard.  Oh, and the best part... I get to start every day with a 5 km run!!  After that I'm good for some good zzz’s while my people work.  In the afternoon I'm game for a walk or hike, whatever you want, maybe a dip in the lake...I’m there!


I'm not sure what a "cottage dog" is but I know I would be great at it because I'm super in the car and I LOVE to swim!  I could use a little help with my leash skills though, we could go to doggy school together and train each other maybe! I just know we will be the stars of the class. 


My perfect family will be outdoorsy like me and have a fenced yard. Couch potatoes need not apply. I enjoy a few good rounds of exercise every day and enjoy my food just as much as the next Lab.  In fact, I could be open to learning just about anything with some yummy treats. If you like adventure, then grab my leash and let's go!


Gotta run...Tug of war tournament is about to start!


Love Harlow


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