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How Can I Adopt A Lab?

Thank you for considering adopting a Labrador Retriever from Labrador Retriever Adoption Service Inc. (Lab Rescue).  A link to the Lab Adoption Application form is below.

Prior to filling out the adoption application please take a moment to consider the Labrador Retriever breed. A Labrador Retriever by CKC Breed standards is a strongly built, very active dog weighing approximately 75 lbs and about 24 inches in height from the shoulders. Many Labs are considerably larger than the standard in both height and weight. This breed is active and requires daily exercise.

The Adoption Application must be filled out as accurately and completely as possible before we can consider your application. Using the information provided on the application Lab Rescue will do its best to find the right dog for the right home.  

After receiving your application an Adoption Coordinator will contact you for an in home interview. If you are approved, Lab Rescue will contact you when a suitable Lab has been selected for your family. Please note there is a fee of to adopt. Fees for senior dogs or dogs with special needs are determined on an individual basis. The fee requested is only a small fraction of what the average Lab entering our adoption program incurs. The fee helps defray the cost of basic veterinarian services, boarding, grooming, transportation and administration expenses.

Each dog in the Lab Rescue program is very personal and special to us, and we take extreme care to ensure that they are placed in the best homes. Below is a list of our requirements which are meant to protect the dog, and your family:

Adoption homes are selected on an individual basis to match the needs of the adopted Lab to the adopter. Many factors are evaluated in this process to make the best possible match. Labrador Retriever Adoption Service Inc. reserves the right to refuse an application. 

Adoptive homes must have a properly secured yard or appropriate dog run. Tying your dog to a post/peg is not an acceptable substitute.

The adopter must keep the dog as a household pet only. 

Dogs will not be adopted out to homes where they will be kept outside all the time, or spend a great deal of time away from people. 

The adopter is responsible for keeping the dog in good health, and providing proper and necessary care. This includes veterinary visits at least once a year for an annual health examination and routine vaccinations.

We are often asked if a newly adopted Lab should go to obedience class. We think it is a great idea to take your newly adopted Lab to classes even if your dog is already trained. The class may assist with you shortening the time required for the bonding process, improving communication with your new Lab, and giving your Lab an opportunity to socialize with other dogs in a controlled environment.

Adopted dogs must never be sold or given away, even to other family members or friends. Lab Rescue volunteers take special care to evaluate and place the Labs in the most suitable homes, however some adoptions are unsuccessful due to unforeseen circumstances - if this is the case inform Lab Rescue to discuss the next steps.

The volunteers at Lab Rescue thank you for considering adopting a Lab and look forward to hearing from you!

Please Note:

The team at Lab Rescue would like to thank you for your application. We want to alert you that if you have applied for a lab that is 1 to 3 year old, good with commands, great with kids, other dogs and cats there may be a waiting list. We are a small team of dedicated folks, mainly volunteers  devoting every spare moment we have to rescuing labs so please understand we also have paid careers, families, houses and fur kidz to attend to and then run this very successful rescue. A Lab rescue volunteer will contact you for a phone interview as soon as possible. If you are applying for a specific dog then please make sure you list their name in the comments. We do place on a match basis.

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