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7 years approx Black Male  Lab X

Energy Level: Average


Dogs: Friendly, excited to play

Cats:  N/A

Swimming: N A


Leash Skills: 

More info coming soon

Foster report:

He is so affectionate he thinks he is a lap dog and jumps up for a full body hug

He loves to give kisses

Better watch what is on the counter because he is lol

He only barks at strangers coming in. He never barks at other dogs, cats ,squirrels or when he is loose in the backyard. 

On walks he pulls at first and then calms down. He is always looking back just to make sure you are coming along. He is so lovely and slim even if he pulls he is manageable.

We can easily stop so the kids can pet and hug him and he loves it. 

He never barks in the house. He loves to lie down in the crate in the kitchen door wide open. It has become his den. He even collected his toys and bone and placed them in there one by one.

He did sleep in there one night then halfway through came to sleep on his bed in our bedroom. Most nights he sleeps in our room. He sleeps the whole night only stirring when we do.

He loves to fetch. We have tennis balls and he is so good at bringing them back and dropping them right at your feet so you will throw it again.

It is hard to believe he is 7 years old. He has the energy and spirit of a much younger dog. 

He is good in the car.  I take him everyday with me to work and back. He loves to put his head out the window. He does pace and pant a bit but it is not overwhelming 

In the house he is playing with his chew toys and lying at our feet. He has never chewed or picked up anything that did not belong to him.

He is such a lovely boy!

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