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Birthday/age:  2 yrs (April 11/21)

Gender: Male

Weight: 110 lb

Energy Level: Low (for now)

Children: +10 years

Dogs: Good

Cats: N/A

Car: Fine

Swimming: Would love to try!

To adopt a lab please fill in the online application 


Hi Friends!


Jordan here!  I'm a happy-go-lucky boy who loves to be part of everything you do. I'm two years old and a solid yellow dude looking for an active family to help me explore this big world.


I'm great with other dogs having shared my foster home with a couple of laid back senior Labs.  I'm learning at lightning speed, how to be a loved member of a family and I have to say, this is the BEST!!  I get to lounge on a comfy couch, eat gourmet kibble (which I hear is just normal dog food, but who knew?), and I even have these things called dog toys which are a hoot.  


I'm figuring out the leash thing and I love my walks and playing in the yard and I even discovered this giant puddle thing my foster calls a pool.  I think I've died and gone to Lab heaven!  As it turns out, I'm a natural swimmer and can't get enough of it.


I take no time at all to warm up to new people and my tail just does not stop wagging, like ever, unless I'm sleeping and even then I "dream-wag".  I haven't had a lot of experience with the wee kiddos, so for now probably kids over 10 would be best in my new home.  I have not met a cat, but I would be game to have a doggy sibling if it were the right fit.


A family with lots of time for exercise and continued training would be perfect for me.  Perhaps the outgoing type who like swimming as much as I do, or have a cottage or pool would be fun.  Most of all though, I just need love and consistency, proper stimulation and to be included in your life.  I promise we will have lots of laughs and endless couch snuggles.  DM me today and let's meet!


Love Jordan

Contact us at for questions.


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