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Joy poster.png

Birthday/age:  1 yr

Colour: Yellow

Gender: Male

Weight: 75 lb

Energy Level: Moderate

Children: 12+

Dogs: Good

Cats: No thanks


Swimming: Would love to try!

To adopt a lab please fill in the online application 


Joy has arrived!


You'll always be smiling with me around.. I'm a 1 year old boy with stellar personality to match my name. I'm a social butterfly eager to meet everyone and be will become a shadow to your day.


I spend my days napping while my person is at work. I'm quiet and keep an eye on things until that jingle of keys in the door.  Then I'm up in a full wiggle party because my person is home and that means time for walkies!!!


I go for a nice hour long walk in leash.  I admit I will pull to sniff, who wouldn't after waiting all day for the best part to start?  I heard there is a fancy harness thingy that can help, along with training to remind me not to pull.  I'm always open to a new fashion accessory!  


I often stop at the park to run with my canine friends.  Big and small, I get along with them all.  I've had sleepovers at my house with other dogs and that was a blast!! I think I might enjoy having another dog in my new family if it.were the right fit but I'll pass on the cats.


I'm suited for older children with dog experience.  Most people I meet are adults and they know all the right spots to scratch and I don't knock them over as easily.


My dream life would include a backyard to play in, full access to the comfy couch, regular walks and social hour with my canine buds.  A family who is home often and would like to trade treat for trick and help me expand my skills would be great too! 

I gotta run, I hear the jingle of the keys....


Love Joy

Contact us at for questions.


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