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Birthday: 3 yrs old

Colour: Mix

Gender: Female

Weight:  57 lbs

Energy Level: Medium

Children: Good 12+

Dogs: Good

Cats: Good













Liza is like finding a gem, a diamond in the rough, as we like to say. This little dog has blossomed into a cute, inquisitive, and cheeky companion! The first thing people say when they meet Liza or come to the house is “she is so quiet and well behaved”. Liza’s politeness and reserved nature are in stark contrast to my 2 Labs who enter the house, clearing tables with their tails, gobbling any free and visible food within mouth’s reach, and invading all personal space! Liza, in comparison, is very patient, sitting graciously as she waits for a meal, politely standing as you attach her lead or calmly riding in the car. While she is shy and tentative at meeting new people at first, her beautiful brown eyes draw people to her. A few well-placed bum scratches and a soothing “who’s a pretty girl” and soon there is a little paw reaching out for more love!  

Don’t let her quiet demeanour betray that she has a cheeky and sassy side to her! Liza is up for play and toys are just now becoming a favorite! At any given moment you might see her shiny black nose peeking around a corner, curious to see if you want to play tug-o-war or checking if one of the lumbering Labs might engage in a game of chase.  

Liza’s favorite time? Walks. She is brilliant on a walk or hike, whether on a long leash or at heel position by your side, simply brilliant. Liza constantly seeks your approval, making great eye contact to see where you are headed next. When the walk is finished, you will find Liza curled up on a bed, quietly, with a favorite chew toy or standing in front of you, hoping for another bum scratch and an invitation to join you on the couch!  

Playing with her best friend, Simba, is like putting on a favorite sweater for Liza. The two dogs have an easy-going comradery that is so beautiful to see. Like Liza, Simba has a quiet but curious nature to him, always ready to explore the world. Simba is happy to tap into his Lab genes by snuggling without invitation to anyone willing to receive a sloppy kiss! Simba is exuberant to initiate the chase game and Liza is only too happy to accept the invitation and the play date is on! Despite Liza’s sometimes shy and submissive behaviour with human friends, she takes the lead in her relationship with Simba and he is happy to be her side kick.  

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