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Luna poster.png

Birthday/age:  5 yrs

Colour: Black

Gender: Female

Weight: 83 lbs

Energy Level: Moderate

Children: 12+





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Luna here! Do you need an instant BFF??  Well then, I'm your gal! I'm told I'm a great listener and even better cuddler!!  I'm coming to Lab Rescue because my family is moving and can no longer care for me.


I like to think of myself as the head of the greeting committee when it comes to meeting new people of all sizes.  I really love the kiddies, and lived with ones who were respectful to me and didn't climb on me, which was my speed. I've even met a few of those wee toddlers when they visited!


I'm accustomed to being alone while my family is at work/school. I just lounge around on the couch or quietly look out the window doing my Neighbourhood Watch thing.  When my people are home, I'm often close by to supervise their tasks or curl up beside them for a snuggle session.


I've heard that being good on a leash is a highly desired skill ... well if I can toot my own horn, you should know I walk very well on a harness with only a bit of pulling at first before I fall into step.  I also know some basics like sit, stay, high-five and come ... though that last one could use some fine tuning.  I generally stay close off leash but I have a strong belief that everyone wants to meet me, so I may be not always respond perfectly on my recall. But I know that we can work on that!


I love playing fetch in the water and I'm great at nap time on long car rides. OH!!! Here's some fun facts for you.... I love being groomed; I'm good at the doggy doctor and I don't even mind my teeth being brushed!  Some might say I like being pampered!


I enjoy having sleepovers with other dogs and playing at the park with them, but I would describe myself as a people-first type of Lab.  Don't get me wrong, I'm great with other dogs but I'm also not obsessed with making canine friends. As long as my humans have a comfy spot on the couch or the human bed, I'm happy as can be.  I'm not sure about cats, so for now let's keep it cat-free.


Reading this back I must say I sound pretty fantastic and I'm assured I truly am.  Just one little thing...I have this thing going on with my knee which causes me to limit my exercise right now.  My friends at Lab Rescue are told that it's called a luxating patella which may not be as scary as it sounds.  It could be a matter of short-term anti-inflammatories and some strengthening exercises.  We aren't sure yet but rest assured, Lab Rescue's medical team will help sort my best path forward.


My perfect family will have a fenced yard for me to run and play and time to help me return to full walks. Oh, and of course dedicated time for cuddling on the couch is a must!  I'm a wonderful addition to any Lab loving family and can't wait to meet my furever match!


Love Luna

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