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MEET LOU  1.5 yrs, M

Business Title


AKA Lou Lou, Louie, Lou Lou Lemon, LLL

Proof that good things come in small packages, Lou is a gorgeous young boy with inquisitive eyes that will penetrate your heart!


True to his young age, Lou is fully of energy and ready for play and running! He loves to play fetch, enjoys his stuffies and chew bones and adores the agility of playground equipment! Puddles are a new curiosity for him, and he will tromp/splash his way through them but is still skeptical about the pool in the back yard!


Lou is a smart boy, quick to learn and easy to train, especially if hot dog pieces are part of the reward! His vocabulary continues to grow and includes sit, down, come, up, off, look, wait, find, let’s go. He walks wonderfully on a leash and continues to improve with his reaction to people and dogs.


Lou is a dream in the house. He is still in puppy mode and is curious about everything so he will take advantage to check out the shower or look on the counter if given the opportunity. When it is time for his foster parents to go to work, Lou is happy to snooze on the couch, sunbathe on a dog bed or happily play with toys until you return. At night, Lou may sleep on a dog bed or sneak on the bed and curl up at your feet. Give him any opportunity and Lou is in for snuggles, bum scratches and belly rubs. One look from those beautiful eyes and you find yourself on the floor for big cuddles with him!


Lou needs an active family in a home with plenty of space to roam, run and play. He needs a family that is experienced with rescue dogs and willing to continue his training and mental stimulation. Most of all, Lou needs a family that will love him for all he is and all he is capable of becoming! 

Contact us at for questions or fill out an application to apply to adopt a lab.


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