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Birthday/age: Aug 2/23

Gender: Female

Energy Level: Average

Children: +10 yrs

Dogs: Good

Cats: N/A

Car: Good

Swimming: N/A


Hi Friends!


Noelle here.  My most adorable quality is my feel good hugs!  I like to cuddle up on your lap and put my head on your shoulder for a hug.  Nothing can go wrong in your day when it starts with a Noelle Hug. 


I'm settled in a lovely foster home with a giant horse-dog who is so kind to me.  She lets me snuggle up beside her on her bed for naps and has taught me so much about this big world.  Oh, and of course, my foster parents are training me too with those yummy treats.  I'm learning my basics and catching on quickly.


My house skills are great.  I sleep right through the night on my dog bed.  I know how to tell my people when I need to potty and I absolutely LOVE the boy in my foster home.  I follow him around everywhere just waiting for the next big adventure we get to do together.  I'm very gentle with him and he is respectful with me too.


I've met lots of dogs and children on walks and was great with all of them since we have the same youthful energy.  I'm less fond of the small dog types.  They seem to have lots to say and always want to tell me right in my face, which it a bit intimidating (I know big word for a young dog).  I haven't met a cat yet either so for now, medium to large sized to horse-dogs would probably be best in my new home, if any.


I would love an outgoing family who will include me in all the fun things they enjoy from hiking to swimming, camping and sporting events and cottage trips - did I mention, I'm great at road trips?!?  I'm sure to be a great addition to any family who will guide me as a mature and love me to bits.


Love Noelle

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