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Birthday/age: 5 yrs old

Colour: Chocolate

Gender: Female

Weight: 79 lbs

Energy Level: Moderate

Children: Unknown

Dogs: No thanks

Cats: Unknown

House Skills: Good

Leash Skills: Good with harness

Car: Loves it

Fetch: Likes it

Swimming: Would love to try

Hi friends, my name is Olive and although I’m a bit shy I am a happy girl.  I didn’t have the greatest life but now I’m learning new things every day.  And the best part is I’m loving the cuddles I’m getting that I never got before.


I’m learning how to play with toys as I never had any before and boy is it fun!  As soon as my foster Dad gets home from work I get excited as I know we are going to play fetch.   Another thing I wasn’t sure of was going for walks with something called a harness and leash.  My foster Mom says I’ve come a long way.  As soon as I see the leash I get so excited as I get to go for many short walks a day.


When I used to see other dogs on our walks I didn’t act very nice but now I’m getting used to it so maybe one day they could be my friends.  Something else I really like is going for van rides as I just jump in and enjoy the ride.  I’ve never been swimming but I do enjoy the doggie pool and being bathed in it.  Maybe one day I can take a dip in a lake and see how I do.


I forgot to mention, I really like music too.  My foster Dad plays the guitar for me and I just lay by his feet and enjoy the beautiful sound.


Now all I need is a quiet forever home with people that are gentle and kind.  Do I seem like the girl for you?


Love, Olive


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