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It only happens once a year .... Lab Rescue's Annual Dog Walk

Enjoy a fun day while supporting a great cause

Sunday September 27th   10 a.m. to 1 p.m.


If you registered for the walk last year your profile will still be listed. All you need to do is activate it by clicking YES to registering then start emailing your friends and famly to join the fun and sponsor you for this great cause. Email us if you need assisatnce



What is a Labrapalooza – WALK & PLAY 2015?


It is an event where any four legged furry canine (not just labs) can attend.  The PLAY time will KICK OFF with a 2 km WALK (reduced for “senior” dogs) around the park.  Then a walk into the park to enjoy some frolic time in the leash-free park, play doggie games, owners can enter draws for some great prizes,. Canines can get a quick lesson from a professional dog trainer, and owners can watch some agility training and much, much more.  It will be a great day of fun while raising awareness and much needed funds for the Lab Rescue organization.

Why are you having a Palooza?
Lab Rescue has made a tremendous impact on the lives of the Labs that have come into our care. Many of these Labs come to us without having had proper medical attention and require Lab Rescue to provide necessary vet care. Sometimes a simple set of vaccinations or more often, serious medical care that range in cost and sophistication. Providing this level of care for surrendered Labs has been quite a financial strain on the organization and so, we need your support. We can all make a difference in the lives of many Labs in different ways. Some people volunteer, some people donate, and some people show support by attending an event like Labrapolooza. It is ALL helpful and appreciated!


Do I need to pre-register for the event?

Yes! (If you choose to be part of the walk and collect pledges). Registering is EASY!   Visit our web site and click on the WALK & PLAY icon and follow directions from there. You can personalize your pledge page with lots of your own dog photos, so go ahead and have some fun with it! All walkers with a base pledge $50 will receive a t-shirt  for registering for the walk . The more you raise the more gifts you receive.


If you choose to just join us for the PLAY part only, then there is no need to register for the event. There will be a registration booth as you enter the park and we will ask you to stop and sign up there.

If I don't sign up ON-LINE for the walk is there still a way to attend the walk and take in donations by cheque or cash?
Yes, absolutely, just download the PLEDGE FORM from our website or email us and we will send it to you. On the day of the walk, bring the form and all cash and cheque collected and you will be manually registered.


Is there a prize for the most funds raised for the walk?
Of course!


What if it rains?
This event is rain or shine.


How can I support the event by sponsoring or donating an item for the draw table?
We would greatly appreciate if you were able to help in this area.  Items, tickets to events, gift cards, it is all much appreciated. Please e-mail us at



*All labs must remain on leash except in the designated leash-free area of the park /   *If your dog is showing any signs of transferable illness (coughing / vomiting etc), please do not bring them to the Palooza    / *Dog owners are responsible for their dog's behavior, safety and appropriateness to be at the event



If you would like to collect donations using the OFF LINE PLEDGE FORM Please Click Here .

Please bring the form and pledges to the registration table on the day of Labrapalooza.  All donations over $10 will receive a tax receipt for a charitable donation.

Thank You to our Generous Donors and Participants!

Mississauga, Ontario
Thank you for providing the nail clipping on our special day

Carbon Bar 99 Queen Street East
Toronto, ON M5C 1S1 416.947.7000

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