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Romeo poster 3.png

Birthday/age:  5 yrs

Colour: Yellow

Gender: Male

Weight: 86 lbs

Energy Level: Moderate

Children: 12+

Dogs: Good

Cats: No thanks

Car: Love it!

Swimming: Would love to try!

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Contact us at for questions.



Passion for squeaky toys and playing fetch...well, sort of....




I'm Romeo. While you won't find me in a Shakespeare story like my name suggests, I will devote my love and loyalty to my peeps; I also have a fun playful side to me.  My youthful energy would fit perfectly with an outdoorsy, outgoing family who are all about having fun.


I have a confession to make...I am a connoisseur of squeaky toys and balls!  I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE to chase them and toss them around in the air.  Wait till you see the "Romeo version" of fetch ... you throw it, I fetch it and you chase me!  It's a blast, but we will need a fenced yard to play.


I'm quiet in the house and fine alone, I often just lounge on that giant king size bed or lay my belly on the cool tile floor, but don't be mistaken, just because I'm relaxing doesn't mean I don't want to go outside and play at a moment's notice, I'm always ready for that! 


I love going for walks! I have this harness thing I wear that reminds me not to pull, but since my exercise routine has not been consistent, I get super excited to get out there and smell everything.  I'm excited to meet other dogs and will pull to meet them. But since I'm a very "nosy" boy, not all dogs appreciate that, so we often move on our merry way. 


I've lived a short time with older children but most of my life has been shared with adults. I would fit well in a dog-savvy family with training experience, so you can help me bring out my full potential.  I know some basics like sit and lay down and would love to learn some of those things I see other doggies do! I know I would be a quick learner and if you bring the treats, I'll bring the tricks! 


As an outdoorsy guy, I think I would really enjoy hiking and swimming, I bet I would be really good at that, after all I am a Lab!  I sure hope my new family enjoys these things and will teach me to swim ... summer is coming and I want to get my swimming trunks on!  Did I mention, I LOVE car rides ... there's nothing better than hanging my head out the window and letting my jowls and ears flap in the wind! I don't care where the journey takes us as long as the window is down and my playlist is on!


My new family will enjoy my puppy-like fun personality and getting our steps in on the regular, daily exercise is important after all! They should be confident leaders with patience to fine tune my commands in a positive manner and help bring out the best in me ... and oh yeah, they must enjoy bedtime cuddles!  I'm ready to explore my new world and to be a loved member of the family.  Do we sound like a match? My DM's are open!!


Love Romeo

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