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Birthday/age: 5 yrs

Colour: Black

Gender: Female

Weight: 75 lbs

Energy Level: Moderate

Children: Good

Dogs: Good but prefers to be only dog

Cats: No thanks

House Skills: Good

Leash Skills: Good

- social butterfly 

- only dog in home

- loves to play fetch

- Loves teenagers


Hi Friends,


I'm Scout!  I'm a 5 year old black Labbie with a sugar dipped chin.  I'm coming to Lab Rescue in search of a family with time for me.  See, I'm a social butterfly with expert skills in soaking up love and affection.


My household is quite busy and I go with the flow but am fine alone while you're at work.  I follow the older kids, I think they're called teenagers, around everywhere since they're pretty chill give me lots of cuddles all the time. 


I like to play fetch in my fenced yard but other than that, my exercise has been lacking.  I would love my new family to help me walk on the leash so we can go on fun adventures like hikes and regular walks.  I know my basics like sit, paw and come and I'm always eager to learn more with someone who has the time.


I'm not a huge swimming, <Gasp>, I know, I promise I am a Lab though!  I'll wade in for a drink but I prefer my game of fetch on land.  I'm great in the car, even on long trips and I won't even call Shot Gun!  I'm fine resting in the back seat until we get where we're going.


I used to go to the dog park often but I spent all my time with the humans and didn't care for the dogs. Even when dogs come to visit, I don't pay them much attention. We co-exist but it's their humans who have my attention.  I love everyone I meet and will give hello hugs in my excitement.  Once the hellos are over with I'll calm down and accept any form affectionate you have to offer.  


As you can tell, I'm a people-dog through and through.  I'd love to be the apple of your eye and be included in everything you're doing.  I'm a perfect match for a mature family who likes to be have fun outside but also settle in for a movie night on the couch.


Love Scout

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