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Shadow is a sweet, super smart and gentle boy.  Since he has come into our home his gentle, affectionate personality has come out in spades.  He is a true gentleman, with excellent table manners, very eager to please and takes his treats very gently from us.  During our meal times Shadow plays quietly with his toys and does not beg at the table.

He has fantastic house manners.  He will sit at the window and watch people and dogs walk by but does not bark. He goes to the door to ask to go out to potty and when it is walk time, he comes to life, patiently waiting for us to get ready and put his leash on.  Shadow walks very well on his leash for us. 

He enjoys greeting people and the other dogs in the neighbourhood.  He is very respectful and does not jump up but rather sits and waits for humans to say hello to him.  He looks forward to the school bus bringing the neighbours kids home in.   Shadow lays down and makes himself very small so the children will pat him and make a fuss of him. Then he pops back up, tail wagging, to continue on his walk.

People are quite taken with his shiny, healthy coat and gentle personality and have commented on how well he walks for each of us.  He loves to lay quietly while we brush him.

Shadow is a very affectionate boy and loves to be near his humans.  He loves to cuddle but will not come up on the furniture, so we sit on the floor with him. He is an equal opportunity Lab - he loves attention from both of us and shares his cuddles equally between us.  He sleeps through the night and is happy on his doggy bed next to our bed.

Like a typical Lab, Shadow loves his kibble and sits patiently while it is prepared.  However, he takes his time and enjoys it to the last bite.

Shadow loves playing with his toys and enrichment games.  He is super smart and has conquered his snuffle mat, doggy puzzle, treat ball and Kong. 

Shadow loves playing in the snow in the backyard, rolling around like the goofy, happy guy he is. He eagerly comes when you call him, both inside and outside.

Shadow also enjoys the car.  Open the car door and he hops in ready to go.   He either sits quietly and looks out the window or he lays down and snoozes on the back seat.  As he passes the car in the driveway, he automatically goes to it looking to get in and go on a road trip.


Birthday/age: 8 yrs

Colour: Black

Gender: Male

Weight: 75 lbs

Energy Level: Moderate

Children: 12+

Dogs: Unknown

Cats: Unknown

House Skills: Good

Leash Skills: Good

Swimming: Would love to try


Quiet, sweet distinguished gentleman


Hi There,


I'm a quiet, reserved senior boy, around 8 years old. My name is Shadow and by no fault of my own, I need a new family to love me.


I'm super gentle and affectionate. I stare right into your soul when you speak to me as if I truly do know what you're saying. My house manners are great though I'm shy in new situations while I understand that I'm in a safe place. Once I'm settled, I'm fine to hang out on my own bed rather than the couch playing with my toys, a stuffed Kong or a good bone to chew. 


I'm a great walker on leash and come to life when I see my leash come out. I have this fancy harness thingy that reminds me not to pull, that and some training that we are working on. 


Okay, so all of this sounds great - then why am I at Lab Rescue? Well, here's the rub.... I had some medical that needed to be treated. Heartworm is a condition that we are all aware of but, easy-peasy, I'm in the middle of my treatments that were already started and I'm well on my way to recovering. I also had a lump on my paw removed and on the mend. With all that addressed and out of the way, all I need is someone to help me through the end stage which is recovery and then on to the best life, of course!


As you can see, my story is not straight forward but I know my family will see past these things as they are only temporary. I would like a quiet adult family that are homebodies. My needs are fairly simple: toys, walks, food and lots of love. I may take some time to warm up to new environments but once I do, you are rewarded in spades!!!


Love Shadow



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