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Stella poster.png

Birthday/age:  1.5 yrs 

Colour: Black

Gender: Female

Weight: 75 lb

Energy Level: Moderate

Children: 12+

Dogs: Good

Cats: No thanks


Swimming: Loves it

To adopt a lab please fill in the online application 


Cancel your gym membership and come play with me!


Super sweet Stella here!  I'm this many years old...oh wait you can't see my paws!  Well, I'm a year and a half.  Think silly but sweet puppy personality in an adult body.


I like lots of walks and off-leash play in a safe space with a fence.  Fetch, forest romps and swimming all make the top of my list of a perfect day. 


I'm super quiet in the house, not even announcing the arrival of a guest at the door but I do greet them with a wild wagging tail. I need reminders to keep four on the floor but we can work on that. There's no such thing as personal space with me around.  I love to be the centre of attention for all the hugs and kisses.  I'm best suited for older dog-savvy children in my new home. I haven't spent time with the wee ones.


As many young dogs do, I pull on leash in the beginning.  I've only ever been walked on a flat collar but I hear of his fancy harness thing that can help teach me to walk like a pro. Word at the local fire hydrant is there's this place called doggy school where they give the best treats.  I'd really like to go there and learn how to get those treats! And of course, make some friends along the way.


I'm great with other dogs and play with a variety of ages when family visits. My youth vibrance might be too much for a senior dog but I would have a blast with another dog around my energy level. Of course, I would also be just as happy with a family who’s outgoing and likes to stay fit active.


My wish list for a new family includes:

  • Structure and routine from a confident, positive, leader; lots of regular exercise and mental stimulation in the house.

  • Willing to spend time teaching me how to be the great canine citizen I know I can be.

  • Canine friends for playdates or maybe another dog in my home if we were the right fit.

  • No cats please.  Since I love to chase squirrels I'd probably chase cats as well. 

  • A comfy spot to cuddle with a family who loves and cherishes me. 


Do you check all the boxes on my wish list?  Let's meet!


Love Stella

Contact us at for questions.


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