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Dear Santa Paws,


It’s your friend Taylor. You know my life has been challenge from living in a barn with no views of the outside world and very little human interaction but you also know I’m thriving in my foster home and I have the sweetest disposition and eyes that could melt anyone’s heart. 


I’ve learned so much with my Foster, such as sit for yummy treats, how to do the stairs, how master the snuffle mat and, of course, the joy of belly rubs!! I have a sweet nickname at my Foster’s home, Taylor, Baylor, that they sing to me and makes my bum wiggle nonstop. I’ve even started to explore what dog toys are all about. Santa, the day the elves figure out how to clone humans, my foster family needs to be at the top of your list! 


My favourite thing to do with my foster family is to go on hikes in a quiet serene atmosphere, along with the two other labs in my foster home. This is the type of walk where I feel I can relax and enjoy the smells and take everything in. I would really like a family who can do this with me on a daily basis. 


I’m looking for that very special family to take direction from Lab Rescue and continue on the great work that my Foster has started. This will mean baby steps for me as I gain trust and become comfortable in my new surroundings but look out when I do, my love knows no boundaries!! I’m looking for a confident leader with a compassionate approach, no alpha types for me. 


My wish this year Santa Paws, is for a family who gets me. They will understand that what I have with my foster family has grown over many weeks and with time and patience can also happen with my new family. I need compassion, perseverance, and dedication while I settle into my new family and continue life, thriving and learning. Do you think you can find that for me in time for the best Christmas ever?


Love Taylor


taylor poster.png

Birthday/age:  2 yrs

Gender: Male

Weight: 65 lbs

Energy Level: Moderate

Children: 12+

Dogs: Good


Car: Good

Swimming: Would love to try!

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