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Sadie, Female, 18 mths
Duke, Male, 1.5 yrs
Adoption Pending!
Ronda, Female Mix, 4 yrs
Bam Bam, Male mix, 2.5 yrs
Bonded with Pebbles
Pebbles, Female Mix, 2.5 yrs
Bonded with Bam Bam
Wilma, Female, 2 yrs
Adoption Pending
Betty, Female Mix, 11 mths
Bonded with Barney
Barney, Male Mix, 11 mths
Bonded with Betty
Rocky, Male mix, 11 mths
Millie, Female mix, 1 yr
Adoption Pending
Perry, Male Mix, 10 yrs
Adoption Pending
Jack, Male mix, 1 yr
Adoption Pending
Sully, Male, 1.5 yrs
Adoption Pending
Jimmy, Male, 3.5 yrs
Adoption Pending
Samantha, Female, 3.5 yrs
Adoption Pending

Labrador Retriever Adoption Service Inc.’s (“Lab Rescue’s’) limited knowledge of each Lab listed and information provided to Lab Rescue by other people. Lab Rescue cannot guarantee the health, age or temperament of any of the Labs listed. Further, Lab Rescue is not making any representations or warranties about the condition, personality or temperament of each Lab. A Lab’s behaviour may change after it leaves the previous owner's home, boarding kennel or shelter and accustoms itself to a home or different environment.

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​About Lab Rescue

Labrador Retriever Adoption Service is a non-profit organization staffed by volunteers who are dedicated
to rescuing and re-homing Labrador Retrievers........

How Can I Adopt?

Thank you for considering adopting a Labrador Retriever from Labrador Retriever Adoption Service Inc. (Lab Rescue). A link to the Lab Adoption Application form....

How to Foster

Lab Rescue is in need of foster families to assist Labs in need awaiting adoption. A nice warm home with loving care is preferable to a boarding kennel......


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Need some Company? We have Labs ready to give you some love and attention. Please visit the foster page to become a Foster!

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